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See Also: 2014 Technology Predictions by Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmid For live group conversations, one-on-one conversations that are in video, voice and text, the web-based IM service Google Hangouts is one of the most popular IM options and it’s only been around since 2011.

You can use it on the Android, i Pad, PC, as well as directly within Gmail.

While investigating a murder, she finds herself in the center of her own investigation, when her former lovers start being murdered. Bangkok, Thailand is thought to be the destination for any tourist hoping to explore and act on the most taboo kink and fetish.

So we have brought to you top 5 online cam chat sites that you can try out to get rid of your boredom. Omegle is a name that does not need any type of introduction.

It is one of the most popular as well as the most used online chatting sites available on the internet.

This scenes marks the tone for the deaths and murders in Cam2Cam; they are gruesome and savage and yet they do not translate to a sense of horror.

Joel Soisson attempts to capture the Bangkok atmosphere to add to the tone of the film.