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When you are ready it is easy to create a member profile searchable by other members.We do not sell email addresses, and do have a comprehensive privacy policy for your protection.

Accordingly you agree to accept sole responsibility for the legality of your actions under New Zealand law.

Once you configure your advertisement you receive a free listing in the NZDating search system, where other members can search and contact you.

At any stage adding or removing yourself from the search is a tick box away This highly advanced feature of NZDating lets all members control how they wish to use NZDating, with four settings (Conservative, Adverage, Adult and Custom) you can easily control blocking rude pictures, swear words, and prevent people from contacting you.

While there are genuine Standard members, because of these problems, we do recommend extra caution when dealing with standard members.

Silver Member These members have provided a non-free email address (such as Xtra, or other valid addresses such as nz).