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They have composite materials (resin and carbon glass skin) to reinforce a thin carved body and neck.

Fingerboards are composite and use stainless steel frets which typically last the lifetime of the owner.

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The vibrato has three settings; bend down only, full floating and locked.

These new "improved" Nite Fly guitars were equipped with a special Fishman® Nite Mix™ active circuit that allowed the piezo and magnetic signals to be mixed right from the guitar.

This new active mixer & preamp circuit allowed the two signals to be summed in mono and sent to one amp or to be split in stereo and each signal sent to a separate amp selectable with a pickguard mounted Stereo/Mono switch.

PARKER SHOTGUNS SERIAL NUMBERS AND YEAR OF PRODUCTION One of the frequent requests I receive is on the year their grand fathers old Parker was manufactured.

To help you with this I have listed the serial number & year manufactured. I do not charge for this service as this is MY HOBBY. I tell clients I was helped by many collectors and this is how I try to repay them for the time they spent with helping me learn about SXS.