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If your problem is not listed here, there are a few things that you can do. We will reply to your problem personally and we will add your topic to this FAQ so that others might find the answer they need faster. This information is relevant for EVERY COUNTRY where Pay Pal & e Bay are available!Every Tool & Trick in the the ULTIMATE Pay Pal & e Bay Survival Package!That is a perfect opportunity to log into Screw-Pay's chat and ask Admin your question!Screw-Pay's FAQ is a section that will never be finished.So what happens to the millions of dollars tied up in frozen accounts and disputes?Well, here is a clip from the San Francisco Chronicle that basically sums it up: U.

As a result, Money Pak gets the interest-free use of all money placed on these cards for at least two weeks.

There was a .95 “service fee” so it added up to .

When I got home, I went onto my Paypal and selected the “Add Money with Moneypak” option, and it took me to Moneypak.

In this section you'll learn a few things about Pay Pal that just might explain why they are the company they are today.

Pay Pal's public face is very different from the private Pay Pal that many of us never see.