Planetside players not updating

Their idea of freedom was a bit more strict than some would like but many argue it has successfully kept Earth without war for hundreds of years.

Their time on Auraxis has caused them to rely heavily on their honed military tactics and wide reaching resources.

Performance has always been an outstanding issue for Planet Side 2, as it’s a beautiful and demanding MMO game that’s played on a huge variety of PCs.

This guide is a compilation of all available information regarding tuning Planet Side 2 and will arm you with knowledge necessary for best possible looks and performance.

Once you choose an allegiance for a new character, that character is forever locked into that faction.

Don't sweat the choice too much for your first character. The Terrans are straightforward in methodology and equipment.

- has a few players underneath complaining of not being able to connect, so there still might be a few problems with the relaunched Planetside, but it certainly seems to be in a better state than the inoperable one it was in a few days ago.

Taking a few minutes to read the material below before launching into the Planetside game world will vastly enhance enjoyment of your initial experience and help you make the transition from newbie to seasoned veteran more quickly and with greater success.

We mentioned t'other day that the first Planetside had been made free-to-play as part of SOE's all-encompassing (sorta) All Access subscription program, but at that time SOE had apparently melted under the strain, so we couldn't fling a download link in your direction. The Reddit post that discovered the download link - thanks, Redditor Saucy Android!

You'll need 1.8 of your finest gigabytes to download the setup file - a tolerance for 2003 textures will probably help as well.

It doesn’t make sense to get an i7, unless you specifically plan Most CPUs can be overclocked by BCLK.

Even increasing it by 2-5% can provide you with extra ~100 MHz of Clock Frequency.