Puma vs cougar dating

I say a woman in her 40s that's dating a guy in his 20s. Is a puma a woman in her late 30s dating a younger guy?Puma is totally someone who is 30-40 dating 20 something, cougar is 40 dating 20 something.However, the "ghost cat," as it was aptly called by trappers, quickly lost its range after European immigrants began to actively hunt them and their primary prey, the white tailed deer, in the late 1800s.According to the FWS, "the last records of eastern cougars are from Maine (1938) and New Brunswick (1932)." So why was the animal still listed when the Endangered Species Act (ESA) was enacted nearly four decades later?After somehow crossing two of the world’s busiest roads, including the ten-lane Hollywood Freeway, he settled in at Griffith Park, the huddle of hills rising just behind us, recognizable worldwide by the giant sign partway up.Homing in on signals from a radio collar on the animal, Sikich leads the way along the famous slope.It's official: the once-imperiled "eastern puma" has been removed from the list of North American wildlife protected under the Endangered Species Act.

L'auteur, l'éditorialiste Valerie Gibson a publié en 2002 un livre intitulé Cougar : A guide for older women dating younger men où elle évoque ses nombreuses relations avec des hommes de 10 à 20 ans plus jeunes qu'elle et où elle donne des conseils aux femmes envisageant de telles relations.Originally there were 11 subspecies of cougars native to North America, but only two of them - the Eastern cougar and Florida cougar - were found east of the Mississippi River.The range of the eastern variety in particular was thought to stretch as far north as southeastern Ontario, and southern Quebec, as far south as the Carolinas, and as far west as Kentucky, Illinois, and Michigan.I think that if a cougar dates someone in their 30's though they revert back to puma status though....It’s a warm winter day in southern California, and busloads of tourists are pulling into an overlook above Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.Le terme se répand en Amérique du Nord à partir du début des années 2000 et est dès lors utilisé dans les séries télévisées, la publicité et les films, avec un pic en 2009.Certains distinguent les termes « cougar » et « puma » (le dernier étant pourtant supposé être l’équivalent français du premier).A number of scientific studies help solve these ecological mysteries. Both big cats took a wide range of prey species with cougars taking 12 different kinds of animals and jaguars taking 10.Comparison of cougar and jaguar diets Studies of jaguar and cougar diets consistently show significant differentiation. Jaguars preyed more heavily upon capybaras here than cougars did.As their guides point out movie studios and the mansions of stars, Jeff Sikich, a wildlife biologist with the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, directs my gaze toward a thin ribbon of woods in the distance.At least ten months earlier a young male cougar from the Santa Monica Mountains set out, following that trickle of green through the vast human hive.