Rachel pregnant and dating

Have you ever wondered ' What if Rachel was head of the cheerios' or ' Rachel got knocked up' or ' Will never found out Terri was fake pregnant' or ' Kurt never realised he was gay? x ___________________________________________________________________________________ "OK! Five-Six-Seven-Eight" Mr Shue yelled, as the music started to play. ' or ' If Quinn and Rachel started dating? Rachel was dancing with Finn, as they were preparing for Sectionals. That is not an appropriate topic to talk about while I'm feeding our son. " Santana smirked."No, like a wonderful weird." Rachel smiled."You know Berry, this is the first time I've seen you bare-chested when we aren't getting our sweet lady kisses on." Santana smirked again."Santana! So I have to rewrite the ten chapters I had written. After nine months of thought Rachel decided she wanted to hyphenate his name so he also had Santana's last name."Wow, he's beautiful." Santana cooed running her finger lightly down Mario's cheek."He really is. Santana smiled and felt tears coming to her eyes as well while leaning in and kissing Rachel lightly on the lips. I know I started a Faberry story not too long ago, but I did that on a different computer and my cousin deleted all my chapters. So the story is about Santana and Rachel in a relationship. Even though they've only been dating for just a little over a year, Rachel knew that Santana was going to be here every step of the way. _-Chapter 1After thirteen hours of labor and lots of screaming, Rachel Berry gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Mario Leroy Lopez-Berry. During the entire birth she couldn't stop the tears running down her face."You're incredible." Santana told her while kissing her forehead."I love you, Santana Lopez." Rachel said while looking at her girlfriend.

Let's get on with rehearsal," Everyone got up, and started the number. She put it on her plate and sat down at an empty table.

A virtually unknown actress at the time who had previously starred in five short-lived sitcoms, Aniston auditioned for the role of Rachel after turning down an offer as a cast member on the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.

After acquiring the role and before Friends aired, Aniston was temporarily at risk of being recast because she had also been involved with another sitcom, Muddling Through, at the time, which was ultimately canceled and allowed Aniston to remain on Friends.

She ran to the ladies, and kneeled by the toilet, as she threw up. Here, let me take you to the nurse," Mercedes said, helping her up, as Rachel wiped her mouth. "I am, but I have a really big craving for it," Rachel replied "Listen, Rachel, you know I'm..child, right?

Rachel slowly walked to the nurses, as she felt really sick.