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The single's accompanying music video, filmed in New York City, showed M. The song received wide acclaim upon release, with contemporary critics complimenting its music direction and the subversive, unconventional subject matter of the piece, citing its chorus and its lyrical humour in the promotion of globalization. If you've seen somebody get shot and if you've seen a bomb go off, then you've given me total access to talk about it – because you've made that a part of my life. chose to do the song's famous chorus in sound effects rather than in full spoken word and recorded children singing the words. "Paper Planes" is a downtempo rap ballad, with a folk style melody considered less dance-influenced than the other songs on the album. walking and dancing with friends along the streets of the city, selling sandwiches to local people and paper planes flying overhead. Davis of MTV in April 2005 that not talking about her experiences in her songs would disqualify her as an artist, noting that "the other point I was making referencing the violence I had seen in Sri Lanka is, if we're going to invest so much money in creating wars around the world, that's quite a given thing.The late models of this plane were sold in a dark stained wooden, varnished, hinged lid box. with a combination of cuts and in with the use of the additional special bases. There was also a 405 'nosing tool' base and cutter for forming a round e.g.The additional Record 405 bases included four 'hollow and round' bases: Each hollow and round set comprised of one hollow, one round and two blades. shaping the edges of stair treads: Purely judging by the number of secondhand Record 405 planes which appear today, it would be safe to assume this was a very popular plane.The second was Egyptair flight 804 from Paris to Cairo in May, in which 66 people died when the Airbus A320 came down in the Mediterranean.In addition there have been two crashes of passenger propeller planes on domestic flights: a Sunbird Aviation crash in Papua New Guinea, when 13 lives were lost, and a Tara Air flight in Nepal, in which 23 people died. While many accidents are survivable – such as the Emirates crash in Dubai in August, when all 300 people on board escaped – some are not.

Later models came with a blue plastic walleted set of cutters which had two additional ovolo cutters (1/4" and 3/8") as standard.

Contrary to widespread belief at the time, the attacks were not a precursor to an invasion.

The Japanese were preparing to invade Timor, and anticipated that a disruptive air attack would hinder Darwin’s potential as a base from which the Allies could launch a counter-offensive, and at the same time would damage Australian morale.

The two raids killed 235 people with a further 300 to 400 wounded.

Thirty aircraft were destroyed, including nine out of the ten flying in defence, nine ships in the harbour and two outside were sunk, and some of the civil and military facilities in Darwin were destroyed.