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The authors of this plan are attempting to diversify their business by offering matchmaking franchises to others.This plan illustrates the franchisor side of planning and preparation, and serves as a counterpoint to the franchisee plans that appear elsewhere in this volume.When Theresa Smalley received a note from Richie last January asking if she wanted to chat, she was flattered. The two began exchanging e-mails, friendly at first, but quickly swelling in intensity and passion.

But in the late ’70s, and through the ’80s and ’90s, Sandy says, “It kind of exploded.” Before long, there were “pages and pages” of people “looking.”“Women looking for men, men looking for women, men looking for men,” Sandy says. whatever it was, it was in there.”Rosemary Olson, publisher of both the Bohemian and the Pacific Sun, recalls that heyday at the Bohemian.

To date, 110 local Match Mates operate in the USA and a dozen more operate internationally.

The Match Mate Internetworld wide web site, in addition to offering matchmaking services, hosts a singles' mall replete with photo gallery listings in a variety of geographic locations, and markets other singles-related services and products.

ched in 1998, Caffmos now offers a well established community for the older, more mature gay male to make contact and form new friendships with other like minded men from around the globe within a safe and secure environment.

dating site specifically for singles who are seeking those who share their Christian faith.