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’ He said, ‘That’s Robert Plant.’ I said, ‘What does he look like now?

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I had sunglasses on and my hair was up in a top-knot.Now living back in the UK after spending several years residing in Austin, Texas, Plant is, appropriately enough for a Wolves fan, as much of a musical wanderer as he is a geographical one.With his current band, The Sensational Space Shifters – that'll be guitarists Justin Adams and Liam 'Skin' Tyson, bassist Billy Fuller, drummer Dave Smith, electronics wizard John Baggott and Gambian musician Juldeh Camara on kologo and riti – Plant has released Lullaby And… His most fully realized solo album to date, it binds together the musical strands that have fascinated him over the decades whilst doing much to belie his reputation as the wailing Golden God who rampaged across the America of the 70s with all the gusto of a Viking raiding party.I’ve gone from being in that huge band to picking up the pieces of my own gift.” Credit Robert’s friendship with Alison for helping him rediscover his joy in family music.“She loves to sit around in the parlor singing those old songs with whichever family’s coming into town,” Robert tells the U. publication ‘The Independent‘ of Alison, “in the same way that my grandfather used to do in the Black Country: they’d sit around with fiddles and sing.“Black Dog” (original here) begins with Jimmy Page’s unmistakable intro riff picked out on a banjo while Plant goofs around and attempts a two-step.It feels like we’re in for a novelty act, but when the two start singing harmonies, the strength of their musical bond is immediately apparent, even in what some might consider a butchering of an iconic tune.Krauss takes the lead vocal in “When the Levee Breaks” (original here) while Plant hangs back and strums a guitar.She turns the song into straight country, and mostly sells it, save the band’s thin, uninspired instrumental breakdowns and guitar solos that only vaguely recall the original.I never thought it had much relevance, until I realized that all of my memories of my father’s father were jubilant. Three Roberts, we were.” Now Robert is content to let others take the spotlight, which is why Patty Griffin was drafted to provide harmonies alongside Buddy Miller.He was very funny, and he was the founder member of a famous Black Country brass band. If Robert himself had doubts that he wanted to merge more firmly into Americana, at least for now, those doubts were apparently allayed after he attended a recent blues rock concert by Them Crooked Vultures, headed by his former Led Zeppelin band mate John Paul Jones.