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Born into a musical family in Mc Comb, Mississippi and raised in Carson, California, she began her career as a child and performed as a backing vocalist for teen groups. The following year, she released her self-titled debut album, which was certified quadruple Platinum in the US, selling six million copies worldwide.

Norwood starred in the UPN sitcom Moesha as the title character, which lasted six seasons and resulted in numerous other roles.

Often light-hearted this movie speaks about some of the problems and struggles the modern women face in today's world.

Forest Whitaker stated in an interview with Ebony Magazine that Robin Givens and Halle Berry were among the women who auditioned for the role of Robin.

His room, in the house he shares with Tommy, is papered with swimsuit pin-ups. Paul retaliates by plowing snow in front of her garage door. He's been going with Sharon (Mira Sorvino), but he still longs for his old high-school flame, Darian (Lauren Holly).

Sharon is wounded: "How do I feel with you when the best years of your life were in high school?

She resumed her music career in 1998 with the widely successful duet with fellow R&B contemporary Monica, "The Boy Is Mine", which went on to become the best selling female duet of all time, and one of the longest running number one singles in history.

Amber Rose had advertised for Louis Vuitton, Celestino, Boadicea the Victorious, Smirnoff (vodka brand) (spokesperson) Christianity Working with many famous brands and designers, as a model.Stella is a highly successful, forty-something San Francisco stock broker who is persuaded by her colorful New York girlfriend Delilah to take a well deserved, first-class vacation to ...See full summary » Harper's autobiographical novel is almost out, his girlfriend Robin desires commitment, and he's best man at the wedding of Lance, a pro athlete. See full summary » Darius Lovehall is a young black poet in Chicago who starts dating Nina Moseley, a beautiful and talented photographer.She worked out daily to lose that weight and was successful in losing some 30 pounds of that stubborn weight.She believes that it is very difficult to lose pregnancy weight as you stretch the stomach for a long period of nine months and suddenly to make the tummy stick back is tough.He moves in with his terminally depressed father and brother, and soon finds himself smitten by Marty, the girl next door. Willie is so charmed that when he sees Marty with one of her schoolmates, he complains to a friend: "I'm actually jealous of a 12-year-old kid on a bike." When Marty sees him with a woman his own age, her comment is priceless: "two words not in her vocabulary: lunch money." "Beautiful Girls" is not, however, about a Lolita complex, although when Paul identifies Marty as the "neighborhood Lolita," her response is swift, hilarious and devastating.What the movie is really about is just what Rosie O'Donnell said in her lecture on Penthouse; it's about guys who are so bedazzled by visions of possible bliss that they cannot see, or relate to, the perfectly wonderful women right there in front of them.The local guys work construction in the summer and plow snow in the winter, and mope over the girls they used to love and the girls they may someday love - all kinds of girls except for the girls they could reasonably love.Paul, for example, has a crazed obsession for supermodels. While he moons over the inaccessible, he mourns the loss of his longtime girl (Martha Plimpton), who has given up after dating him for years, and started going out with another guy.She served as a judge on the first season of America's Got Talent before being involved in a widely publicized car accident in 2006.After several lawsuits stemming from the accident, Norwood's fifth album, Human (2008), was released to commercial failure.