Royal mail tracking not updating

This will tell you when you posted it, when it left Spain (if going overseas), when it arrived, for example in the UK (should be the same day it left Spain of course) and when (if) it was delivered and where.You can use the same tracking number on the Royal Mail website in their track and trace service. I sent something to UK recently using the urgent version of Spanish registered post. The letter didn't leave Spain for 3 (working) days. I've found the online tracking page useful too; for future reference, here is a link to the English language version:The Parcel Track Inbox makes it even more convenient to track your packages.• Push notifications - Parcel Track sends free push notifications, so you know when your package is being delivered.

(Premium)• Automatic carrier detection – When you enter a tracking number Parcel Track automatically detects the delivery service associated with this number, making it even more convenient for you to keep track of your delivery.• Parcel Track Inbox – No need to enter long tracking numbers by hand: Each Parcel Track user is assigned a random user ID and an email inbox.I found this all very useful this week when the dope at the local post office told me a letter I posted 3 weeks ago had arrived in the UK but not been delivered (quote: "the UK post office is very bad, you know") In fact, all the evidence points to the fact that my letter did in fact leave Spain 3 weeks ago, but subsequently vanished. idioma Web=en_GBI sent urgent registered letter to Uk, it did not leave spain for ten days! Or complain until 15 days have passed, it arrived in uk on day 13, all this for eight euros! I have used the Spanish postal service for many years, I do send out regular letters at least 4 times a week and to be fair I have had very few problems.I do use registered mail, but it definitely takes longer however I don´t believe that it is always the fault of the Spanish post office, but they do take some time to update the tracking info., which is misleading.When you send an email to your inbox, our server conveniently extracts the tracking ID contained and adds the parcel to your account.Simply forward delivery notifications from online shops like Amazon to your Parcel Track Inbox.The online service will also automatically check the delivery postcode to limit the risk of a misdelivery.Extended payment options Royal Mail has also extended the payment options for those using the new solution.Asked if it was out for delivery was told the carrier may not have bothered to scan item so just wait till Monday.Will inform the company I purchased item from that I will not be using service again if they use Royal Mail.Parcel Track – One App to track all of your packages and shipments Parcel Track integrates all of your shipments from over 50 delivery services into a single app.Free Push-Notifications keep you up to date with your delivery status.