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Dyson began her SEC career as assistant director for enterprise operations. Organizations around the world rely on Mark Logic’s enterprise-grade technology to power the new generation of information applications.

In that capacity, she managed day-to-day operations such as IT infrastructure and all enterprise operations for the SEC’s headquarters and its 11 regional offices. Mark Logic is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Washington D.

The (n 1)sec project, similar to the OTR (off-the-record) project, makes it possible to have secure instantaneous communications between people.

(n 1)sec extends upon OTR in supporting not just one-to-one chats, but also chats between arbitrary groups of people.

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If you need to swap to your new device outside of chat hours of operation, please contact Business Care at 800-927-2199 If a Business Plan is not specified, and a Business Plan change is required, a comparable plan will be selected by the assigned Sprint representative.

The audience for each Fireside Chat is invited to submit questions for the program prior to broadcast.

The SEC Historical Society collaborates with Deloitte to broadcast the Fireside Chats.

Requests for permission must be submitted by email and specify the material requested and for what purpose.

If we want users of secure Internet chat-systems to have the best experience possible, we need to avoid underlying protocol constraints that impede usability.