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It is difficult to characterize any aspect of a wedding as being “Native American”.

Some traditions are common to many tribes, while others are unique.

I jumped right into it.“I know you were looking at porn.”Oscar gets easily defensive, always quick to deny wrongdoing—even when he’s told he didn’t do any wrong—and so I expected his reflexive protest of, “No I wasn’t!

Many Native Americans desire a wedding which reflects their Indian heritage.I’d been steeling myself all day for it; I knew neither of us was ready.Watching my boy bound out the doors of his school, all smiles and sprints—I’m free! The week before, he ran face-first into a wall of his own curiosity, saw things he shouldn’t have, things which he certainly would’ve kept to himself if I chose to let it go. At 9 years old, Oscar could have easily passed for 12 or 13: He stood 5’2” and weighed 125 pounds.As a Senior Circle member, you will join a network of more than 100,000 members nationwide in 140 chapters.The core of our program is our commitment to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for seniors by providing programs that encourage continued learning, wellness, health and volunteering, coupled with a host of social activities.You can find an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting near you by selecting your state of choice. Finding a Narcotics Anonymous Meeting is easy using our meeting directory.You can find a Narcotics Anonymous Meeting near you by selecting your state of choice. Finding a Sex Addicts Anonymous Meeting is easy using our meeting directory.He shrank in the passenger seat, bracing for the worst.I quickly reassured him he wasn’t in trouble, he didn’t do anything wrong, but there was this thing that I knew and it had to be out in the open.The Politics of Gay Marriage​Gay marriage remains illegal in Australia, most of Asia, Africa, and Oceania, and parts of Europe and Mexico; the most liberal of those countries strike me as the most natural places for “the next advance” of marriage.This was the conversation I was dreading—the one probably every father dreads—and it was happening much earlier than I’d expected.