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A second suspect has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a Georgia high school teacher and former beauty queen who vanished from her home nearly 12 years ago.

Bo Dukes, 32, was arrested and charged on Friday with concealing a death, evidence tampering and hindering the apprehension of a criminal in connection with the slaying of Tara Grinstead.

THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. Everybody, we at NANCY GRACE want very much, in our own way, to help solve unsolved homicides, find missing people. She was stabbed to death, November `94, Fresno, California, in her own home. If you have info on Jenny Waltz, please call the Carole Sund Carrington Foundation, toll-free, 888-813-8389. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) GRACE: Well, it never seems to end with the Michael Jackson story.

NANCY GRACE, HOST: Tonight: Is there a brand-new motive for murder in the Pam Vitale murder case, the wife of California defense attorney Daniel Horowitz? As you know, he was acquitted on counts of child molestation by a California jury. MORET: Well, it`s a great choice of songs, by the way, on Halloween to play "Thriller". The fact of the matter is, she didn`t get the deal she clearly wanted. GRACE: And to Robi Ludwig, I have never heard of a scenario where a mother, a biological mother, is disallowed from telling that to her children.

And last but not least, we haven`t heard the end of pop icon Michael Jackson. Under a harsh new child visitation rule, the mother of two of Michael Jackson`s children reportedly can`t even tell them she`s their mom. Rowe is now reportedly allowed only allowed occasional visits with her 8 and 7-year-old children and is not even allowed to mention she`s their mother. You know, open up your heart a little bit, Spilbor, just a little bit. In it, she had just been helping others at a pageant that day. Whether it`s somebody that knows her well, someone who was stalking her, or somebody that just was watching from afar, the visibility definitely contributed to, I think, her being missing at this point. GATTIS: Sometimes we may go a couple of weeks and not speak, but we e-mailed quite frequently. Basically, Debbie Rowe is allowed to see the children at Michael Jackson`s whim and only under the guidance of Michael Jackson`s nanny, Grace. And people make remarks, "Oh, I can`t believe she left her children." Left them? (END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: That was from FOX channel that dealt with the trial, the child molestation trial. GRACE: To Anne Bremner, high-profile lawyer out of the Seattle jurisdiction, Anne, I didn`t know that you could actually fashion supervision for children where you can dictate what is told to the child. You know, when she testified, I thought, and I said, you know, Michael Jackson should give his first-born child to her for what she did in saving his behind in that case. She gave her first-born to Michael Jackson and her second-born, and she sold them for millions of dollars. Thirty-eight, 5`1", 123 pounds, black hair, brown eyes. And remember, live coverage on a Texas mom on trial for murder, to Eastern, Court TV. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) GRACE: Before we say good night, I want to quickly go back to Jim Moret. There has been months of legal wrangling just to get to this point. And I asked my staff to dress up in the scariest outfit they could.

But first tonight: Scott Dyleski, behind bars as prime suspect in the murder of prominent defense attorney Daniel Horowitz`s wife, Pamela Vitale. And basically, Debbie Rowe is not even allowed to tell her two children, who are now -- what are they -- eight and seven, that`s Prince Michael and Paris -- she`s not even allowed to tell them that she`s their mom. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) DEBBIE ROWE, JACKSON`S EX-WIFE: My kids don`t call me Mom, because I don`t want them to. It`s not that they`re not my children, but I had them because I wanted him to be a father. Michael and I will always be connected with the kids. Back to Jim Moret, chief correspondent with "Inside Edition." You know, everyone assumed -- and there was discussion at the time -- that she would be given more lenient visitation with those children following their testimony at trial. MORET: Well, and don`t forget, she had not seen those kids in nearly five years. For instance, she can`t tell she`s their biological mom? This is a Halloween nightmare bringing back the Michael Jackson case for Jim Moret and for me, hearing "Thriller." I mean, that whole two-day love letter of testimony from Debbie Rowe to Michael Jackson, when she sold the kids, Nancy. And so I think in this instance Michael Jackson`s trying to protect those kids, because they have -- she is not their mother. Are you suggesting that somebody else gave birth to them? If you have info on Rosemary Molder, call the FBI at 915-832-5000. So the biological mother of Jackson`s children is allegedly disallowed from telling them she`s their mother. And don`t forget, she and Michael Jackson signed a contract when they got married.

The fact that the HOTG pool rested near street view versus a private back entrance is weird.

And tonight: The intense manhunt for a Georgia beauty queen-turned high school history teacher takes a desperate turn. And Michael Jackson`s ex-wife Debbie Rowe`s glowing testimony at his child molestation trial may have helped keep Jackson out of prison, but Jackson`s recent child visitation deal with Debbie Rowe isn`t nearly as sympathetic. GRACE: And here, my neighbors, they all know whether I`m there or not. If they see the newspaper at the foot of the door, they know I haven`t come out yet. SPILBOR: But your bedroom light, Nancy, that`s a little -- your bedroom light? GRACE: Well, everybody is not living in high-rises the way we have to here in New York, Jonna. GRACE: So, Anne Bremner, do you think her visibility, high visibility as a beauty queen, possibly made her vulnerable to a predator, especially given this time line Anita Gattis had given us. GRACE: Anita Gattis, how often did you speak to her on the phone? Debbie Rowe, his ex-wife, who testified originally as a star prosecution witness, who ended up really being a defense witness, who called Michael Jackson a generous person, a good father, surrounded by vultures, was hoping to have her custody of her two children reinstated, but she was dealt a very serious blow, because that`s not what happened. My children are with their father where they`re supposed to be. What happened was, it didn`t work out that way at all. And Michael Jackson can take those kids whenever he wants out of the country for as long as he wants, even permanently. And so why can she come in now and say, "Oh, I`m your mother"? GRACE: OK, we all know that she is the biological mother. GRACE: Very quickly to tonight`s "All-Points Bulletin." FBI and law enforcement across the country on the lookout for this woman, Rosemary Molder, wanted in connection with the `89 Texas murder of her 5-year-old stepson, Rayshon Omar Alexxander-Molder. Marine Sergeant Michael Paul Hodshire, just 25 years old, an American hero. A special Halloween good night from the control room.

War can be good for business—not only for those who build fighter jets or sell bullets, but also for the sprawling network of civilian companies whose chief customer is the US military and for the security agencies.

This is especially true in a state with as many federal outposts as New Mexico.

Dukes was released from the Ben Hill Sheriff’s Department around 12.30pm Friday on a ,700 bond.

Last week, authorities announced they had arrested 33-year-old Ryan Alexander Duke and charged him with her murder.

Sex dating in ocilla georgia