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Elm surpassed stone in the formal possibilities it offered the sculptor.The large 1939 piece, in particular, with its multiple hollows, demonstrates the development of Moore’s carving and his aspiration to bring space and form into equilibrium.Before the spread of Dutch Elm Disease, Elmwood was the largest and most common tree species native to Britain.The timber has a wide grain, which suited Moore’s larger carvings.

It gave him the freedom, compositionally and spatially, to ‘invent a completely new form-idea’.His innocent mind shouldn't be corrupted : D Angel Of Phantomhive [Moderator]: You are a sad, strange little man One Hell Of ATiny Horse ~Guest~: W-What do you mean little?! Luna : The fact that I laughed so hard at his username made me question my sanity. Despair•Lord [Moderator]: DUKE DO YOU WANT THE BAAAALL? The Leadville Hostel is a great place for your large group – family reunions, ski clubs, youth groups, school classes, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, adventure groups, weddings, corporate events or any other large gathering.A couple excellent features our hostel has to offer is our very large, fully equipped kitchen and our spacious common rooms.We have wide screen TV’s with a DVD player (or for simply watching your Go Pro videos), a pool table and a reading area.The second series was released on 16 October 2006; a boxed set containing both series was released on the same date.A third series was not commissioned; in an interview for the BBC News website on 30 November 2006, Robert Webb (who played Robin) said in passing, "...there is no more Smoking Room".The sense of growth in wood was significant for Moore.In the spirit of truth to materials, he exploited the pattern of the grain and the length of the timber to define and accentuate different parts of the body.The first series, consisting of eight episodes, was originally transmitted on BBC Three between 29 June and 17 August 2004.The Christmas Special was first transmitted on 20 December 2004.