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Both sides have swiftly refuted the rumor and denied even being in a relationship, with the refusal being easy coming from their mutual agency.That reportedly is another clue they are a couple, with Sohee signing with Key East last year supposedly because Kim Soo Hyun brought her into his long time agency.Make way, folks, for more dating news, this time involving everyone's favorite actor Kim Soo Hyun and former Wonder Girls member Sohee.A media outlet reported on October 19, "Kim Soo Hyun and Sohee have been in a relationship for over a year." The outlet borrowed words from a resident of the apartment complex that Sohee lives in to state, "When Kim Soo Hyun has no schedules, he visits Sohee's apartment in secret."The dating rumor was supported by the fact that Sohee transferred to Key East, which is the agency Kim Soo Hyun is currently under. There were no pictures in the articles that would rightfully prove the two's relationship, and Key East denied the relationship, saying, "It's not true at all." The label further stated that it is "trying to understand the matter that led to the dating rumors," and acknowledged that Kim Soo Hyun and Sohee do know each other through acquaintances.

Sohee has starred in movies like "Some Like It Hot 'tv N' Heart to Heart." Sohee recently finished and released a new movie called "Busan," according to Naver TV.; A whole year, a neighbor that knows his schedule, yet no pictures? i read Dispatch forwarded Keyeast denial, which made me laugh hardly as D has followed KSH for yrs.the same reporter from the unknown news agency had fabricated another fake dating news of KSH earlier this yr, abt KSH and iu.Then you remember the last time you dated may have been before you met your high school or college sweetheart, and a mild panic might set in. However, SBS' entertainment news program "One Night" (Midnight TV Entertainment) revealed the incidents that may have heightened speculation centered on the popular stars.To get a date back then, you sat nervously by your phone with a dial tone that seemed obnoxiously buzzy when you were finally ready to punch in the digits. According to the a segment aired during the October 21 broadcast of "One Night," Sohee attended a VIP screening of the film, "Secretly, Greatly," but was likely not invited by the 27-year-old "My Love from the Star" actor.[ 25, -1] Kim Soo Hyun hasn't even served yet, right? [ 24 -10] I know that the report is a lie but for some reason I can see the two together... [ 23, -6] About as shocking as Moon Hee Jun and Soyul ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 11.[ 18, -1] How would China know anything that even us Koreans don't know??? [ 13, -0] But does anyone honestly not know that they're dating still?It said: “Kim Soo-hyun and the former Wonder Girls member are planning on getting married in late April after a year-long secret relationship.” It stated: “The Chinese report saying is absolutely false.If the website continues to report this false news, we’ll take strong measures, including necessary legal action against it.” Earlier on, at the end of 2015 Kim and Ahn were also reported to be dating. Because of his popularity, it is only natural many who follow the Hallyu Wave would want to know the latest details on Soo Hyun’s life, especially his relationships.Staying on that particular subject, it was believed Kim Soo Hyun and Sandara Park (simply known as Dara of K-pop group 2NE1) were actually together for the longest time.