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Granted, I don’t get as much of the latter since I left Brooklyn, but I still turn a few heads a day.The thing is, if you’re a Black woman over 18, bearing some semblance of put-together-ness (i.e., you look like you bathe and/or put some thought into your outfit) you will surely receive a compliment.He wants you to join him in his skinny-dipping escapades, but this a public pool and no one is laughing. He wants to make sure when you leave schoolies you'll still keep in touch (you met for 15 minutes, and you will probably not speak to him ever again). A few weeks ago my roommate and I were watching one of those Kardashian shows on E! Brothas may always be trynna holla, but they ain’t trying to holla at the elementary school set.But back to the daily, random proclamations of beauty bestowed upon Black women by our men.Sometimes its the aforementioned “hey beautiful” by a passing stranger."Flunitrazepam relaxes muscles and disorients someone who takes it, but it also effectively keeps them from remembering anything that happens once it begins to work," she said.

Here's a collection of everything you need to know about Roofies.

We got to talking about how pretty women just get stuff because of how they look, and how it must be for Kim K. Not a man, a little boy: she’s 5″ 2′, wears jeans and sneakers, some kind of hat, has a short natural, and doesn’t wear make-up so she looks like a kid.

During this conversation with the roomie, I admitted that while I in no way approach the pulchritude of the Kardashian ass, I do get hit on at least once a day and it gets old, doesn’t she know what I’m talking about. In defense of my roommate who is not ugly or deformed or in any way unappealing, I’ll say that she mostly looks like a boy.

mid-March and lasting 2-6 weeks (Texas schools "break" on different dates).

Splash Day is the Texas beach component of Spring Break and is an enormous beach party.