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She goes into great detail about their first meeting as if to convince herself (and you) that it was a storybook romance that was meant to be.

But in reality, you can see from the above pictures what attracted Harvey to Mary in the first place.

With just two contestants left in the competition, Harvey announced that the winner of the crown was Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez.

As soon as he said those words Gutierrez broke down in tears while she was handed a giant bouquet of flowers and the crown was placed on her head.

Therefore, such a man loves a woman based on the compliments, praise and other positive feedback he gets from his environment.

In the video, the former Mary Shackelford, rambles on about how she met Steve in 1986 when he walked into her place of business and introduced himself.The crown was then taken off of Gutierrez's head and given to Wurtzbach.Despite that error, Harvey was still asked back for this year's event though, which will air on January 29 and once again be live.Comedian and host Steve Harvey says he has gotten a 'fierce' backlash from fans following a meeting Friday with President-elect Donald Trump.Harvey revealed the furious reaction during his radio show Monday, acknowledging that the criticism hit home following his meeting with Trump, where the two men discussed working on the nation's inner cities.'It's been a little bit more than interesting,' Harvey said.She then began to wave to the audience and blow kisses to the crowd, at which point Harvey started to speak.'Folks, I have to apologize, ' said Harvey.'The first runner-up is Colombia.Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Philippines.' That announcement was met with a sea of boos and hisses from the audience, whiel a confused Wurtzbach looked on in shock when she finally realized what was happening on stage.Harvey had a breakout season in 2013, being selected to play in his first Major League Baseball All-Star Game.Harvey then missed the entire 2014 season due to Tommy John surgery but returned to top form in 2015, leading the Mets to the pennant.And these voices will continue to be heard and they should,' he added.'If we sit at the table, then we can have a say-so,' he explained. Harvey described his meeting with Trump as 'very cordial,' and Trump escorted him down to the Trump Tower lobby when it was over.'He was very warm, friendly and very sincere. Host Steve Harvey (L) listens as Miss Philippines 2015, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, answers a question during the interview portion of the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant.President-elect Trump used to own the pageant, but sold it after controversy during the 2016 presidential campaign 'I've always been concerned about inner city problems because there's huge, my mentoring program, has been a part of this type of, that's what I want to see happen,' he said.'And they were spot on with it.