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It has a white inner surface and a dark green mottled glaze applioed, which may have been over fired?The glaze suggests a Late Medival date 14th-15th century. ceramic vessel rim, 45mm long, 36mm wide and 26mm thick with a weight of 13.55grams.Wahkeenah , 17 April 2006 (UTC) The section of Woody Allen quotes should, in my opinion, be removed.The article is about the use of the terms "first base", "second base", etc.

The sherd makes up approximately 10% of a rim measuring c.200mm in diameter. Possible traces of green/yellow translucent glaze on outer surface.

Overal, the sherd measures 68.9mm long, 49.6mm wide and 25.1mm thick. Late Medieval vessel sherd, 34mm long, 31mm wide and 4mm thick with a weight of 4.24grams.

The sherd has a white/grey fabricwith possible small gritty inclusions.

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