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A COUNTY sex offender has been remanded in custody after admitting approaching two young children.Gordon Sanderson, prisoner of Edinburgh Prison, met up with two young girls and hugged and tickled them during several meetings over a nine-month period.Sure, the question like a bad comedy set, but from an anatomical, biological -- hell, even social -- standpoint, why are humans ticklish?Could it have been crucial to our evolution, and remained, like the appendix, a part of who we are even though it serves no purpose?Despite his limited speech and her physical deterioration, their love persists as Stephen supports Gita in her battle with ovarian cancer. Fuller then transitioned to MBST Entertainment, working under seasoned producers Scott Kroopf and Larry Brezner as a Creative Executive, and then became Director of Film and Television Development where he supervised the development and production of Warner Bros.’s Directed and Produced by Matt Fuller Based on a Concept by Ira Heilveil Executive Producer Ira Heilveil Produced by Carolina Groppa Edited by Alex O’Flinn Cinematography by Scott Uhlfelder Key Production and Research Assistant Gabriela Mariscal Music by Mac Quayle Score Producer Mac Quayle Additional Music Julian Scherle Guitar James Harrah“Nocturne #2 in Eb Major” Performed by Sam Johnides Post-Production Services Company 3Colorist Bryan Smaller Color Producer Alexis Guajardo Sound Design and Mix Mike Franklin Audio Post-Production Services Beacon St. This film was produced by Autism In Love, LLC which is solely responsible for its content.© 2014, Autism In Love, LLC.

He also sent her uninvited social media requests and repeatedly undertook tasks for her without being asked to do so.

Sanderson pleaded guilty to repeatedly approaching, speaking to and communicating with two girls and repeatedly hugging and tickling them at various locations within North Berwick between September 10 last year and June 27.

He also admitted to causing a woman fear and alarm by attending a home in the town, repeatedly attempting to gain entry, loitering outside the home and staring into the property, sending uninvited social media requests and repeatedly carrying out tasks for the woman without being asked to do so between April 30 and June 15 this year.

Does it serve a function unnoticed or long forgotten?

Let's start by doing what any scientist worth their salt would do: Hook some willing participants up to f MRI machines and make them listen to people getting tickled.