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It first went live on 28th April 2006 and has consistently added more features.

It can now understand and translate the spoken word, offers downloadable dictionaries for offline use on mobile, and provides real-time photographic translation It is also not without its drawbacks.

First-language speakers of English are beginning to learn the value of acquiring at least a conversational or business-focused fluency in other languages -- particularly Chinese, with the amount of manufacturing capacity having emerged in China -- and our rapidly globalizing culture certainly makes it expedient, if not essential, to capture some basic concepts of languages other than the one spoken in the houses of one's local government.

As of 2013, however, English is still the most widely used language on the Internet, and online foreign language programs are growing more sophisticated every year.

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In contrast, Mandarin Chinese may only be spoken as an official language in three countries, but reports 1.051 billion native and acquired speakers.

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That's about as many speakers as English, Spanish and French combined, in case you're keeping score.

English may still be considered by many to be the language of wider communication in international business, but the global communications climate is changing rapidly.