Under the mistletoe dating

She spent the night here, and the next morning I made breakfast. "Morning Aphmau." I said, finishing cooking breakfast.

I also kinda ran out of ideas, so please, give me any ideas if you have one!

Sorry it's a bit short, but I wanted to leave a bit of a cliffhanger.

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HARRY: Harry's been head over heels in love with you for the past 3 months and he realises it's gone on for too long. He looks around the Christmas party and sees you standing with another guy, drink in your hand. ' Alright, that's it' Harry says going to the door and pulling off the mistletoe. ' I should be playing in the winter snoooow but Imma be under the Mistletoe' Niall sings his voice sounding like an angels. He's wearing the jumper you brought him and he looks adorable, his hair messy. You kiss him back, pressing your lips against his, tasting a hint of hot choclolate. ' We're standing under a mistletoe, silly' he says pulling you in. ' That was the best kiss I've ever gotten' he whispers and pecks you on the cheek.

Zane's POV Aphmau is dating Aaron now, and I'm very sad about it. I'm sorry, I don't know why I dated Aaron, you were the one all this time." I said as I hugged him.

Anyways, I was wandering in the arcade when I saw Aphmau and Aaron fighting over this game. "Aphmau's" POV Hehe, now I'll definitely get that hunk! ~Time Skip To When Aaron Pins "Aphmau" to The Wall~ REAL Aphmau's POV I was going to check on Aaron with Zane, when I saw he had Michi against the wall. I think Zane ran out behind me, because I hear another pair of footsteps. "It's alright Aphmau, let's go to my house." Zane said. When we got to Zane's house, he made us hot chocolate, and he made me feel better.

Chloe noticed the food coloring next to two cans of vanilla icing, and knew exactly what she wanted to make.

She eagerly turned around, "Wanna decorate some Christmas cookies?