Updating in cold fusion

Cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery vulnerabilities are also addressed in the hotfixes." And to be clear, this is the 2nd update for Cold Fusion 11.I find when working with some people running CF11 that they have not noticed there are new updates.It sounds like you could from your description, but it's difficult to know for sure without seeing the code.You should find CFML very familiar if you know HTML.The more profound thing was that there were a number of oscillations in the megahertz range being created by a piece of equipment that had nothing to do with their experiment in the basement.(PESWiki January 20, 2016) Free Energy Blog:20 – “Cold fusion research takes place in a world of its own.Once you’ve played with Word Press it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular.

That tool is Word Press, which is now used by a quarter if the top 10 million websites and has become the most popular blogging tool on the web.I've been asked to make cosmetic changes to a website that was developed in Cold Fusion.Their original web designer has moved on to other things.Is it possible to make simple changes, such as CSS stylesheet adjustments, new logo, new graphics behind navigation links using standard html coding?Or should I tell them to keep looking for someone well-versed in Cold Fusion programming?You can learn about CF11 update 2 in this technote (and of course, in the Server Updates feature of the CF Admin).And let me warn you that if you have not yet applied update 1, then after applying update 2 it's critical that you rebuild the web server connector if using IIS. I discuss the concept in more detail in 2 blog entries I did (related to CF10, but still useful). (To be clear, you do NOT need to update the connector after this update 2, if you had already done that after update 1.Adobe has also posted a blog entry about the update, and if you have questions or concerns about it (that should be seen by them), it would be best to raise them there, as they may not see them here. So as for this update 2 for CF11, it's a security update.From the security bulletin (which applies to 11, 10, and 9), "these hotfixes address a security permissions issue that could be exploited by an unauthenticated local user to bypass IP address access control restrictions applied to the Cold Fusion Administrator.Article: Lookingfor posts Promo Video - Pre-launch video announces a new LENR website coming March 1, 2016 at For The video is very well done as an entertaining piece that hopefully will go viral.(Free Energy Blog February 21, 2016) Article: Key info inadvertently omitted from Pons and Fleischmann report - A mild magnetic field, created by a transformer, was on the other side of the wall, which has now been removed.