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First, your credit score is based on your credit report.Any incorrect information could reduce your credit score.Negative credit can damage your ability to rent or purchase a home, obtain credit or insurance, open a bank account or even get a job.According to a study conducted by Public Interest Research Groups (PIRG), 79 percent of credit reports contain mistakes.They’ve seen something that they either didn’t expect or think is wrong, or they think their credit scores should be higher.“How long will it take my credit report to be updated after I pay off a credit card/settle a collection account/get the IRS to remove a tax lien etc?If that is the case, the bureaus will not contact your lender for information, and your account will not be included on that bureau's report.

They release modernized versions as the market shifts and as they find measurable improvement in performance.It is more likely that the credit union does not have a relationship with Trans Union.So, I suggest you begin by checking your credit reports from the other two major credit bureaus -- Equifax and Experian.Would it be worth the effort to have this mortgage included, and how would I go about doing so? have mortgages that are not reported to the credit bureaus, according to Michael Nathans, the founder of Pay Rent, Build Credit, Inc. Nathans has been working for years to empower consumers with the ability to have their regular bill payments -- often referred to as alternative or nontraditional credit information -- included in credit decisions. I predict that one of the other bureaus will have your mortgage listed.Your problem is more common than you might expect, although I don't usually see it from mainstream lenders. It would be unusual for your credit union not to have a relationship with at least one of the bureaus.In order to proceed with this request, please provide a contact name, fax number, and telephone number for each creditor.How often do the credit bureaus update the information on consumer credit reports?That answer does not tell the whole story – not even close. Watch how your rating moves as the agencies refresh their data in your file. Nor do they refresh them according to a predetermined schedule or on a specific date.A few points on a credit score can translate into thousands of dollars in saved interest costs. Most consumers are concerned about credit score update frequency, particularly when they want to apply for a new borrowing account. Your score reflects changes very quickly – once the underlying data refreshes. The consumer reporting agencies update credit scores as often as lenders and consumers request them. They run the software against the most recent data in its files when someone makes a request.(Ex: receipts, legal documents, 2 photocopies of pieces of valid identification, including proof of current address) Equifax will verify the necessary information and mail you a confirmation.We may use the personal information you provide to update our records.

Updating personal information credit reports