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But generally speaking, the best news was that Microsoft had clearly learned the lessons of the past and reigned in some of the poorer decisions that hampered and then eventually doomed its previous mobile platform, Windows Mobile.

Key among these was a very detailed spec for what hardware had to be included in any Windows Phone handset, the level to which OEMs (wireless carriers and hardware makers) could modify the built-in software (which is to say, almost not at all) and the way the system handled software updates.

To check what went wrong and what can you do to it, check this page.

It provides step-by-step instructions to resolve the most common problems.

That latter bit, alas, became the center of some controversy.

In part 3 of my lengthy, 9-part Windows Phone review, I wrote that Microsoft had "reined in the wireless carriers' worst habit of all, and will be able to deliver software updates to all Windows Phone users going forward, and will in fact do so ...

But don't worry: the process is pretty painless.

If you need more space for a wireless update, you can update using i Tunes or delete content manually from your device.Did you know that Apple often updates i OS, adding new features and cool new tools?To make sure that your i Phone is running the latest version of i OS, you'll need to connect it to your computer and download the update using i Tunes.Besides, Both the driver developer's home page and driver download and support page be provided as well in my Nokia page.Nokia Phone Software Update Windows 2000/XP English.Whether you use i Tunes or update wirelessly, you'll have the same amount of free space on your device after you update.If you can’t update wirelessly on your i OS device, you can update manually using i Tunes on a computer that you trust.If your computer is using Personal Hotspot on the i OS device that you’re updating, connect your computer to a different Wi-Fi or Ethernet network before you update.The Software was developed for Nokia PDA and Mobile, applied to Phone Software Update and was installed in Windows 2000/XP. Please setup and update your driver from the download to start or reboot your device.If you can’t find a solution to your problem in the information above, you can also try our FAQ search or the Microsoft support pages.When Windows Phone first launched in late 2010, there were a number of interesting and unique aspects to this system that really put it over the top.