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" - Mervyn Griffith-Jones."John Thomas says good-night to Lady Jane, a little droopingly, but with a hopeful heart." - D. Lawrence."This book and movie caused a great sensation in 1959 because it was considered pornographic.

He finds the corpse of King Kong and takes home a monkey (presumably Kong's orphaned son? If this isn't the weirdest Apocalyptic flick ever, I don't know what is !

First off, this pre-dates "Mad Max" by 7 years, and obviously pre-dates the whole 80's 'aftermath' genre.

The content, about a married woman who commits adultery, is so mild by today's standards that the book and movie are largely forgotten. Still in all, this low-budget sexcapade has decent locales and very steamy leads (Sylvia Kristel and Nicholas Clay), neither of whom are shy about appearing in the buff.

Finally, after a highly publicized court battle, the courts allowed the book and the movie to appear on the grounds of "artistic merit" and everybody went to see the movie.