What company is liquidating circuit city

KCC is not in the business of providing professional or legal advice with respect to this website service and this website service should not be relied on as a substitute for financial, legal or other professional advice.Please review KCC's Terms of Use and Privacy Statement for additional information regarding the data maintained on this website.Though few Americans know his name, Larry Fink may be the most powerful man in the post-bailout economy. In political and business circles—among the men who travel the now well-worn corridor between Washington and Wall Street—Fink, the chairman and C. But mention his name to most people and they draw a blank.His giant Black Rock money-management firm controls or monitors more than trillion worldwide—including the balance sheets of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the toxic A. Despite his considerable wealth, he is virtually unknown on the society circuit in Manhattan, where he has an apartment on the Upper East Side, or in Aspen, where he also has a home.By using this site, you consent to the terms of KCC's Terms of Use and Privacy Statement regarding the use and processing of personal information, and any and all other terms that may be set forth on this site concerning the collection of personal information.If you do not agree to these terms, you should not use this site.A trusted source also expressed the following thoughts to us on the case: All 185 Woodside Homes related debtors against whom involuntary bankruptcy petitions were filed, including the parent company Woodside Group, LLC and the financing arm Pleasant Hill Investments, admitted by way of stipulation today that they are insolvent.They will begin operating as if they are Chapter 11 debtors in possession immediately.

Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC ("KCC") does not guarantee or warrant that the data provided herein is accurate, complete, or current and shall not be liable to you for any loss or injury arising out of or caused in whole or in part by the acts, errors or omissions of KCC, whether negligent or otherwise, in procuring, compiling, gathering, formatting, interpreting, reporting, communicating or delivering the information contained in this website.That would be a total of almost 6 million being demanded by some very big names.See more excerpts and analysis from the bankruptcy filings at the forum.Peter has since been sentenced to 10 years in prison, and Mark committed suicide by hanging exactly two years after his father's arrest.Alerted by his sons, federal authorities arrested Madoff on December 11, 2008.KCC does not undertake any obligation to update, modify, revise or reorganize the information provided herein, or to notify you or any third party should the information be updated, modified, revised or reorganized.In no event shall KCC be liable to you or any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or special damages (including, but not limited to, damages arising from the disallowance of a potential claim against a client of KCC or damages to business reputation, lost business or lost profits), whether foreseeable or unforeseeable and however caused, even if KCC is advised of the possibility of such damages.The other interesting question which is up in the air is whether any payments made by Woodside entities to trade creditors, in the ordinary course of business during this 2 week period, will be preferences.Though the parties may think that the payments will not be preferences, based upon their stipulation, the OTHER unsecured creditors of Woodside may think otherwise. Woodside comments from the article: "The company is working with both the note holder and bank groups and will be presenting its position to the judge requesting an orderly resolution on Wednesday," Mercer said.KCC's Corporate Restructuring Court Documents Search provides access to thousands of historical court documents located on KCC public access websites.Please use the form below to refine and maximize search results.