Who is aaron rodgers dating erin andrews

Prior to these recent hookups - the NFL player was in a relationship with Hillary Scott of model Julie Henderson, who was looking for a rebound romance after her breakup with hip hop multi-millionaire mogul Russell Simmons.The 27-year-old hasn't settled for that special someone but he is working his way through the field of eligible players nonetheless.” Both are quarterbacks for the Minnesota Vikings, but Andrews’ response surprises everyone when she says, “Aaron Rodgers.” The TMZ commentators do not catch Andrews’ subliminal message, and even joke she, “may or may not know anything about professional sports.” Because I may be the only blogger to religiously watch both TMZ Live and Sports Center, I am confident in saying this video is the Rosetta Stone finally liking the two together.Pictures from the after party of Andrews and her former dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy getting cozy sparked rumors the two were “again” dating…The two were spotted by other ESPN people last week drinking (closely) at the bar underneath Boston’s Liberty hotel.“Well, he’s not the first athlete,” said one bold ESPN TV guy who’s sick of the Erin Andrews Machine.

Did Erin Andrews give confirmation she is dating Aaron Rodgers to TMZ, and did they not even realize it?

In October Andrews was spotted sitting with the Rodgers family in their private box seats and they all went out to dinner after the game.

During Week 10 in November, a bye week for the Packers, the couple reportedly spent a considerable amount of time together.

Does Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers, NFL) have a girlfriend?

[read more...] NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers spent years at the University of California before his career with the Green Bay Packers took off. Erin Andrews is the woman who tries to talk about sports [read more...] Aaron Rodgers went from a bad first half where he repeatedly was sacked and could not find open receivers (and a 6-0 deficit) to a big victory with four touchdown passes, including a Hail Mary.