Who is ben roethlisberger dating

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In short: the Green Bay front has to be good, but their linebackers have to be even better, filling those gaps.

The couple took it in stride, and even joked about a firefighter having to pry open the doors for Ben. The two were very "upbeat and positive kind people," a source tells ET about their three-hour cooking class, adding that even with no cameras involved, the two were "very lovey" and "really doted on each other." Most importantly, it also appears the couple knows how to bounce back from intense situations.

Shortly after the cooking class, the two were photographed having what appears to be a deep conversation inside Ben's car at Home Depot.

The names might be familiar, but where the planet's biggest stars land on the list could surprise you.

The Madeira-born Portuguese knows he is breathtakingly handsome, gifted and wonderful (even if he can't quite persuade us he's as good as Leo Messi).