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She was born in a place called Scarborough which lies in Toronto, Canada.

She is a Canadian citizen as she was born in Canada, but she is of Indian origin.

when Richard Gilmore, that stodgy and strict master of all things ceremonious, actually seemed like a human being, complete with all the feelings: when his bitchtastic mother, Lorelai (or ‘Trix’) died. He was trapped in a glass cage of emotion, and all he wanted was Turtleneck Soup. When someone is in mourning, you give them what they want, especially if it’s something as innocuous as soup. Only one problem: What the $%&# is Turtleneck Soup? And you couldn’t exactly ask the man knee-deep in sorrow for details.

Lorelai (the second, not the deceased) needed to consult her team at the Independence Inn to figure out what to feed her father: LORELAI: Mom, have you looked on the internet?

Sookie, do you have any idea what turtleneck soup could be? LORELAI: Mom, do you think he means “mock turtle soup?

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Her amazing work has made people of all ethnicity and nationality a fan of hers. went to the Mary Shadd Public School for her earlier education and later she moved to Lester B. She then went to the York University and earned herself a degree in the field of psychology.

has huge followers on You Tube and this has given her fame and great money.

I can understand if you used regular cream instead of cashew cream in my mulligatawny, or if you used regular cheese pizza to make my Cheesy Blasters. Jeez can you imagine what parts of the turtle they eat in But, our creation does have to be a decent facsimile. In about 10-15 minutes, the water should be absorbed and your tempeh should be debitterized.

But, I must say, of all the foods I’ve ever veganized – hell, of all the food – this is the one you really want to veganize. Any food that requires one to “scald off the hair” was not meant for human consumption. Bring to a boil, boil for 2 minutes, then lower to a simmer and cover. While your tempeh is simmering, add your onion and olive oil to a large stock pot, over medium high heat.