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He offers some insider insight on our latest episode!Listen to The PHP: Perez Hilton Podcast on Spotify, i Tunes, or directly at Play.it/Perez!"For me, I love the idea we have freedom of speech.

“Stating a preference for what you are looking for appears to have little to no bearing on the characteristics of people you actually contact.” “Disclosure of ‘ideal’ partner preferences is a widely offered and commonly-used option for people creating a profile on online dating websites, but whether it’s effective or useful in helping people find that special someone is unclear,” he continued.

We're told agents will most likely attempt to interview her and Tyler.

Kathy Griffin Interview 3 of 3 Part 1 of 3 here Part 2 of 3 here HL: Why are LGBT rights such an important issue for you?

After I moved to California from Chicago, I was so desperate for stage time and wanting to do anything that I would go to any open mic night they had whether it was singing, telling jokes or reading a monologue from a famous play…anything. So my mom and dad would come to see me in a gay bar, and I would be singing a Cole Porter song or telling jokes, reading an exerpt from Butterflies Are free or something.

My mom and dad would be just in the audience getting hammered. HL: You’ve recently won a Grammy and are the first woman to win since 1986…Kathy Griffin: (high-fives me) About time. Kathy Griffin: I have two Emmys and those are very special to me because they are very hard to win.