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Here on the last stop of his tour on the 18th, Demetri will film a new hour-long stand-up special for Comedy Central.

Admirable without actually being very good, Demetri Martin’s debut as a writer-director, Dean, makes a smart decision right from the outset.

All sketches, short vignettes, animated segments and stand-up comedy were loosely related to the theme of the episode.

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Martin opts instead to play it primarily as light comedy, focusing on two men who’ve suffered the same loss but aren’t conscious of how much it still affects them.The movie has been something therapeutic." Martin added that working on the film and rewatching key scenes during the editing process helped him deal with his personal losses. "Whereas, with my stand-up, I kind of hide behind my jokes and that kind of stuff." It's been 20 years since Martin got his start doing comedy on open mic stages in New York.He had been a fan of Steven Wright, the stand-up comedian known for his deadpan style.But he's done well despite that, I guess.""He has really struggled to overcome impotence," says Dan, a New York TV-channel staff writer, when asked about his fellow scribe Demetri Martin.But he's done well despite that, I guess." It's easy to see why Martin inspires grudging affection in his workmates. Seven years ago, he dropped out of law school to pursue a career in stand-up.On Tuesday, March 28, Martin, who also wrote and directed the film, stopped by Arc Light Cinemas Sherman Oaks for the KCET Cinema Series screening of "Dean," which hits theaters on June 2. It's not something I really dwell on," says Martin.In a Q&A session led by Madelyn Hammond, Martin let the viewers into the very personal inspiration for the film, which is dedicated to his parents, Dean and Lillian. Martin was a 20-year-old college junior when his father, only 46, died of kidney cancer. "It's not what I have to offer, but when it came down to writing a movie, I wanted to talk about something very personal, something that I felt deeply about, so I thought, 'I'll talk about grief a little bit, losing someone,' but I wanted it to be fiction, so I killed off my mother." But, as Martin points out, his mom, later on, developed Alzheimer's disease.There followed a thousand nights of honing his craft and days working at mind-numbing jobs.Eighteen months ago, he was a proof-reader for an online advertising agency.Meanwhile, back in New York, Robert starts dating his real-estate broker (Mary Steenburgen), only to discover that he’s perhaps not quite as ready to move on as he’d thought.According to our records, Important Things with Demetri Martin is possibly single.