Who is diana taurasi dating

The world of sports is still a bastion of homophobia.So far, the only WNBA player to come out as a lesbian is now retired Sue Wicks and Michele Van Gorp.The most significant pieces of evidence are a few photographs of them at events outside the basketball court.It’s still just conjecture, but they would make a nice couple. This might violate some kind of team rules, but I say there’s no rules in the game of love! In the interest of full disclosure, Penny Taylor was married for a few years to a guy named Rodrigo Gil.

'So I think the coming out process isn't as tough for us because people already expect it.'Augustus is engaged to a woman named Lataya Varner and hopes to get married by the end of the season.

She is from Italian descent from her father’s side and Argentinian from her mother’s side.

She spent most of her childhood days in Chino with her older sister Jessika.

Diana expects that she will get an understanding person with whom she can get married with.

A short time ago, we pondered whether there was a chance that Diana Taurasi’s girlfriend could be teammate Seimone Augustus.