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Whatever is filming, it has to be authentic because [there's] no script. I work 24/7 and these cameras [are] able to capture some of my personal life and it's like it's very entertaining.The cool thing about this season - all these kids are chasing their dreams and want to do the right thing.better known by his stage name Maserati Rome or simply Rome (formerly Lil' Romeo and Romeo) or his acting/business name Romeo Miller, is an American rapper, actor, basketball player, entrepreneur, and model.Miller is the son of well known rap mogul Master P.The world made it that.” Romeo’s life is not drama free though.

Miller then signed to his father's relaunch label New No Limit Records.

One relationship that does not have any friction is Romeo’s with Bow Wow.

When Bow Wow announced his plans to retire, Romeo took the opportunity to clear the air between the two.

“Got my tats starting at the age of 15 when I lost my two cousins.

My angel wings represent them,” he wrote in the caption. Only GOD can judge me.” What do you think of Romeo’s picture and comments? Got my tats starting at the age of 15 when I lost my two cousins. The stars have my immediate family members initials in them and GOD going down my spine.