Wu zun and angela zhang dating

Audiences have mixed reviews about his parenting styles.

There they discovered what was considered an open secret.(OK, this sentence doesn’t exactly mean this, but there really isn’t that good of an English translation for this.Basically, it’s and expression that means that two people are walking on a narrow path and can’t avoid accidentally bumping into each other) However, when the two saw each other, they gave the cold shoulder and didn’t greet one another.Wu Zun is promoting in Mainland, China and Malaysia; Angela Chang is promoting her new album.They don't even have contacs in phone or text messages. But as the release of the drama Romantic princess and less time of seeing each other, it seems like the "relationship" is really getting back to friendship.When Wu Zun is filming a video game commercial in Taipei he was asked about Angela Chang, he said "I really don't have time, and I don't go on MSN." Wu Zun and Angela Chang didn't see each other recently because of promotion.But now it looks like they are back to friends because of lack of communication. I've found these informations on the net ..waiting for other news... Zun even pretended to kiss Calvin saying they were a couple. On the eve of its release, Wu Chun decided to make his big confession via his official fan site.He began with his view on romance, speaking freely about his stubborn dedication to love.