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There are exhibits from the 38th Regiment of Foot, 64th Regiment of Foot, 80th Regiment of Foot and the 98th Regiment of Foot, their successors — the North Staffordshire Regiment and the South Staffordshire Regiment — The Staffordshire Regiment and the regiment of today (The Mercian Regiment); and also from the militia, volunteers and Territorial Army.

The main exhibition is in chronological sequence with a wide selection of uniforms, weapons and associated items from campaigns in India, Burma, the Crimea, Persia, South Africa, Egypt and the Sudan, as well as from World War I and World War II.

Find out the various routes our students and graduates have followed and hear about some of their successes!

This creative workshop will develop student's understanding on how to create a dance phrase and how to develop innovative movement from phrases that seemingly should not co-exist.

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Jones had been a convinced pacifist since his youth, having lost his father in the First World War (one of six brothers who failed to return).

In order to be eligible and automatically entered into the Competition, you must fully comply with these Rules and successfully enter 250 words to describe your 'SME super power' via uk, uk, uk, uk, uk, uk, uk, uk, uk, uk, uk, uk, uk, uk or 9.Discover some of the interactive ways our students learn within this field and what opportunities are available after studying this course..will be surprised!10 things you always wanted to know about careers in sport: This interactive session will explore all the different careers and opportunities within the world of Sport.The session has two parts; the first will explore the science of signs, symbols and visual images, or 'semiotics', and how they are used in advertising; while in the second part, the pupils will have the opportunity to design their own advert applying the language of signs.This presentation highlights the role of technology and social media as a new method to communicate dating abuse in teenage romantic relationships.John Clement Jones was born on June 22 1915 at Aberystwyth.After leaving school, he served a four year apprenticeship on the Cambrian News and it was during the late 1930s, as a reporter on the Stourbridge County Express, that he found his work as a journalist began to conflict with his support for the Peace Pledge Union and his membership of the Society of Friends.Findings are presented from research conducted with teenagers (aged 12-18 years old) about their personal experiences of digital dating abuse. 'Participants in this session will take on the role of court judges within the English legal system and will be asked to determine sentences, based on individual case studies explored throughout the session.Participants in this session will take on the role of court judges within the English legal system and will be asked to determine sentences, based on individual case studies explored throughout the session. This will be a beneficial workshop session for anyone interested in applying for initial teacher training and will offer an insight on what to expect for the Professional skills tests! Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusion Studies will enable you to find out about a range of issues and perspectives surrounding working with disabled individuals & exploring the diversity of learners and their development.The medals display includes those of eight of the thirteen members of the Regiment awarded the Victoria Cross A major exhibit is an outdoor replica of a World War I British Army defensive trench system named after Lance Corporal William Harold Coltman who was awarded a Victoria Cross whilst serving with the North Staffordshire Regiment as a stretcher-bearer.The trench is 100m long and 2m wide, In 2013, the trench received a major revamp, being extended, repaired and improved.