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Tracy Mitrano is Director of IT Policy at Cornell University and is the Cornell Director of the EDUCAUSE/Cornell Institute for Computer Policy and Law Program.Comments on this article can be sent to the author at [email protected] October 23, 2006, Facebook changed its policy to offer a more nuanced interpretation of ownership, appropriate use, and respect of copyright.The following article critiques an earlier Facebook policy, although the foundational aspects of that policy remain essentially the same in the new version. There are also two men on the list: Agent 47 ( series). I think prefer the younger Eva, but I’m also digging the old Eva. Dante (, but as an older woman (picture on the left).

“Hanging Out…” is staggering in its scope and in its implications.This law sought to protect youth from legal adult pornography, but its language and imprecise implementation so overreached its goal that when the law was passed, a federal court granted an injunction that lasted until the Supreme Court determined that many of the act's provisions were an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment. At the time of this writing, the House of Representatives has passed H. 5319, a bill with the intent of protecting children from online predators but with the effect of blocking all social networking technologies for recipients of universal service support for schools and libraries.Technologists in higher education need to take a leading role in discussions regarding this and similar laws.Still, this unusually short list has a couple of interesting (and odd) choices, which focus on a lot more than just a nice pair of … Since original release in 1996, Lara has become an Eidos Interactive goldmine, both in the video game industry and in Hollywood. The tech folks over at recently compiled a Sexiest video game characters top 5, in a quest to find the few characters with “the complete package: looks, brains, confidence – and that mysterious element the French call ‘je ne sais quois’” that do it for us gamers. In fact, I bet that the good folks of Tecmo had those exact characteristics in mind when they developed Right? Whether it’s the looks, the guns, the attitude or the accent, no one can resist Angeli — er, Lara Croft. Jade is one of the few leading ladies in video games, but she’s not your typical eye candy: she’s actually smart, talented and, all in all, a pretty nice role model. Anyway, everybody knows sex sells, so it’s quite normal to have a few babes (male or female) appealing to the gamers. The researchers take seriously young people, their lives online, their subcultural practices, their identity play, their nascent civic engagement, their dating and social interactions, their involvement with fan production practices, and much much more.What emerges is a complex picture of how they are living through and around emerging technologies, how they are innovative in their use of new tools and platforms, and how they are struggling with the contradictions of their lives. It’s obvious that no sexiest video game characters list can be credible without “the queen of virtual babes”: Miss Croft. On second thought, she looks like she might lock you up and spank you. Sure, I have a thing for older women, but she exudes confidence and, well, meanness.