Zulu dating

The Zulu are the descendants of Nguni-speaking people.

Their written history can be traced back to the fourteenth century.

Information about Shaka's early years is gleaned entirely from oral sources.

It is claimed that Shaka was born into Senzangakhona's household but that the couple were not yet married according to traditional custom.

It is one of several closely related successors to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

For most purposes, UTC is considered interchangeable with GMT, but GMT is no longer precisely defined by the scientific community.

The elected person Idombo is the one who represents the groom at this meeting which is held at the parents of the brides home. This is a very important meeting because it confirms everyones intentions.

The elected spokes person for the brides family tells the Idombo what is required for the dowry.

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In the early nineteenth century a young Zulu prince, Shaka, came onto the scene and welded most of the Nguni tribes into the powerful Zulu Kingdom.

Shaka ruled from 1816 to 1828, when he was assassinated by his brothers.

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